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Readings & Packages

*Readings are available by phone or zoom video for your privacy, safety and comfort.


 A medium-ship reading channels messages from deceased loved ones as proof of the continuity from the physical world to the spirit world.

Your loved ones will come through wanting to talk about the past (memories from when they lived), what is happening now in your life (as proof they are still around you), and what may be coming up in the future for you.

Receiving a medium-ship reading can be very healing. comforting and is always done in love and light.


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Intuitive Reading

Are you struggling with a particular situation? 

Do you need divine guidance on what to do next? 

An intuitive reading with Erin will help you gain the understanding of where you are in your journey, what action steps to take next and explore the possible outcome of your decisions. With the help of divination tools such as oracle cards, runes or pendulum, Erin will intuit the energy around you at this time and give you spiritual advice and guidance on the question you're inquiring about.


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Tea Leaf Reading

This ancient divination system can give you insight into the energy around you, give you clues to what's coming up for you and also timelines as to when they might happen.

This very special divination tea cup comes all the way from Australia and it is my way of continuing the legacy from my grandmother who read tea cups around her kitchen table.


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Intuitive Coaching Packages

Are you needing on-going support and intuitive guidance? Book a package and save!

Intuitive Guidance PLUS +


Per Month

Best Package Offer

Weekly Guidance + Integration Time

Access to all divination tools

BONUS: VIP Class Pass

Yes, please! I need on-going support.

VIP Class Pass


Per Month

Awaken, Learn, Grow

All access pass to Psychic Development Classes

10% Discount off all Workshops

BONUS: Card of the Month Club

I want to build my Intuitive Muscle

Reading of the Month Club


Per Month

Fast insight every month

Card reading from a different deck each month

Emailed to you by the  5th of the month

Gain regular insight to stay the path

Monthly insight? Awesome!