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Foundations of Psychic Development 

6 Month Program - NOW OPEN for Enrollment!


You are Psychic!


Gut Instinct. Spidey Senses. Inner Knowing. Psychic Ability. Sixth Sense.

No matter what label you give it, we all have it! It is your birthright. Some say it's a gift, but the true gift is the ability to develop your intuitive muscle, learn to trust your vibes, and tune in to that little whisper inside your head. 

Every one of us has the ability and the answers to all your questions lie within.

All you need to do is raise your awareness and set your intention to harness, cultivate and trust your intuition.


Join Erin and an inspired group of women

for interactive learning, exercises, games, meditations and more!


Psychic Development School

3 zoom calls per month

2x coaching sessions plus

1x group Q&A

  • You'll learn how to tap into all your psychic senses

We'll cover topics such as:

Psychic Senses, Clairvoyance, Intuition

Grounding, Shielding, Energy Protection, Smudging

Spirit Guides, Angels, Elementals, Dearly Departed / Mediumship

Tools of the Trades, Pendulums, Crystals, Divination Cards

Psychometry, Telepathy, Meditation

and more....

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